1. Are you a smart phone owner/user?  Does your phone have the ability to synchronise with Google calendars?  If your phone is one with an Android operating system, the answer should be “Yes” to both questions but not all is lost if you have an iPhone etc. you should be able to get the appropriate Google App from the AppStore etc.
  2. Do you use a Google calendar to keep track of your appointments?  This may be on your PC or notebook etc.

What’s the benefit for you to do this with regards to New Plymouth Mountain Bikers?

It gives you the opportunity to import upcoming club events into a Google calendar and from there you can synchronise to your smart phone.  Thus you can see what is being planned ahead of more formal announcements on this website or our FaceBook page.

Some background:

The club runs two calendars,

  1.  A web based one here: this is now linked to the Google based calendar explained in #2.  It is the one you can see to the right of this text =>.
  2.  A Google based calendar that comes along with the club’s gmail account: The calendar is a public one but the emails and contacts etc that are also within that account are not.  This account has the same content as the web based one but will typically have other MTB events that are spotted in various MTB media, MTBNZ/CyclingNZ events, national series etc.  Also if the club receives requests from other MTB event providers/clubs to promote their event, they get put in here.  This calendar is also to see if there are likely clashes: club events with events elsewhere.


The aim of this article is to explain how you can access this Google calendar to possibly help you plan for lots of riding.  If you wish to add an event to the calendar, send an email to the above email address outlining the details and this will be put into the calendar for you.

One can get the club’s Google calendar onto your PC or your smart phone with a little bit of effort and then you are on your way.

Access to the club’s Google calendar:

You can use either of the following two methods to add the NPMTB Google calendar to your Google calendar:

1. Use the following link to add the NPMTB Google calendar into your Google calendar’s list of ‘Other Calendars”:

2. To add the club’s Google calendar, just follow these steps:

  1. Click the down-arrow next to My calendars
  2. Select Add a friend’s calendar from the menu
  3. Enter the club’s email address in the field provided (, then click the Add button

As the club has opted to share the calendar publicly, it will then appear under ‘Other Calendars’ in the left column.

Once the calendar is imported, you can then synchronise your smart phone with your Google calendar and the club events will come through to your phone along with any other events you have in your Google calendar.


Use the following address to access the NP MTB Google calendar in any web browser:

If you don’t have a smart phone or a Google account, you can view the club’s Google calendar in your web browser by clicking on this link and then saving it as a Favourite etc for future viewing: